About Us

About Us

Our Story

Queen Adeline creates wearable art inspired by the joy of living and celebrating the rich pattern and color of African textiles. Each piece is a one of a kind, hand made, highly functional statement piece, designed for women on the go. 

We focus on sustainability in our closets and are guided by the principle of living and working in a way that the next generation is guaranteed an equal if not better quality of life

We create well-crafted clothing designed to bring the wearer joy time and time again.

Our designs are made in small batches and rendered in timeless silhouettes--we don’t follow fast-fashion trends, and aim to reduce waste in our production process and in our customers’ closet.

Our Core Mantras are:

  • Life is meant to be lived here on Earth
  • Life is art.  Live Artfully! 
  • Go ahead. Make your statement!

We hope you find that piece from our collection that speaks to you and make many memorable moments in it.

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